Leadership and Team Coaching


The hour I carved away from the project gave me more than that back by giving me new ways of looking at things and new strategies.”

Imagine that you could lead more effectively, with greater enjoyment, while being more yourself and leaving behind others’ rules about leadership that don’t fit you…

Imagine that time with your team was the highlight of your work day…

Imagine that your work together built a stronger, more enjoyable organization — greater effectiveness and fulfillment.

With me you will have a partner to bring what you imagine from dream to reality. I provide coaching for leaders and their teams to become more effective and authentic, create a more positive environment, and sustain success. Specialties include the worlds of education, science, non-profit, and those whose IQ outstrips their EQ — very bright people who need to develop their Emotional Intelligence in order to have the impact they long for.

Coach Ariane Cherbuliez: 617-835-0103

Ariane Cherbuliez