Ariane Cherbuliez

(pronounced "Ah-ree-ahn Share-bool-yay")

Ariane CherbuliezAriane has been a Leadership Coach and Team Facilitator since 1999.

She takes a firm stance that compassion and a wacky sense of humor can go a long way to unlocking blocks and creating momentum. Working with her has been compared by clients to swinging from the monkey bars: just the right degree of challenge, continually new ways of looking at your situation, and a rubber mat of compassion creating safety underneath you and allowing you to access yourself and your possibilities on a deeper level. Her clients credit her quirky, exuberant, and insightful approach with helping them get unstuck, become more deeply connected to themselves, and find a flow of action.

In addition to her private practice, Ariane

  • coaches corporate and government clients through The Ken Blanchard Companies
  • trains, supervises, and assesses final competency of coaches in the last phase of their certification studies at The Coaches Training Institute
  • offers workshops on a range of topics; her three current favorites are Coaching Skills in the Workplace, Giving and Receiving Feedback, and Designing Powerful Working Relationships. Ariane customizes workshops and trainings on a stunningly wide range of other topics.

Ariane received her MBA with honors from Simmons College, which she applied to a private consulting practice for three years. In an earlier life, she was an award-winning math teacher and earned a Masters in Education. Ariane holds CTI's CPCC certification and the International Coach Federation's PCC certification.