What Clients Say About Ariane

As a new member of the senior team I needed to grow my confidence to find my voice as part of the team. Ariane helped me tap into my inner strength very quickly and within months my co-workers even commented on the change and how much more confident I seemed in meetings. She was always there to listen but more importantly she helped move me past my comfort zone and really tackle the internal doubts that can hold you back. It was an amazing experience and one I hope to build upon.
-Senior VP of Americas Region Finance
My coaching experience with Ariane has been tremendously positive.  Ariane is a wonderfully supportive and experienced coach, who has helped me identify, articulate and refine my professional goals and gain a better understanding of myself as a manager and leader in my organization.  In a meeting held with my supervisor and me, Ariane expertly guided the conversation in directions that led to my manager and I deepening our understanding of one another in ways that would have taken at least a year to get to on our own.  She challenges me to look at my own assumptions, fears and motivations with an eye to focusing on the ones that allow me to make better choices as a manager while staying true to my professional integrity and sense of self.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Catherine S. Kim, J.D., Senior Associate Dean for Administration, Enrollment & Student Services
Drawing upon strong listening, analytical and communication skills, Ariane is a gifted facilitator. Most recently, I participated on a conference call that she was facilitating with about ten people who had not all met each other. Adding to the complexity, several people joined the call late and had a strong need to "overshare." Ariane was able to have everybody feel heard with clear summarizations, moved things along in a respectful way, and maintained positive energy to enable the group to achieve its goal. I look forward to participating in future meetings Ariane runs.
S.F., Organizational Consultant
The hour I carved away from the project gave me more than that back by giving me new ways of looking at things and new strategies.
– Kevin Philips, Manager at BMW
First, I was impressed at your ability to pack so much coaching into 1 hour. To say I was extremely pleased at how quickly you were able to assess the perceived problem is an understatement. From over 7000 miles away on a less than perfect phone link you were able to read my reactions and comments (I felt at times even my body language) and mirror back what was really going on. As a role model for a coach you are at the top.
– John Newman, American manager at Saudi Petrochemical Company
This was work that was long overdue for our team. We are poised to make changes that will have long-standing benefits. It was tremendously helpful and I am so grateful!
– Heather Folina, Council Member, House of Prayer
Ariane is great at helping people find a common language to work with differences. For us it was metaphor, and her ability to dance right in with what worked for us was remarkable. She helped us find ways to use our differences as strengths for the good of the system, instead of seeing them as "problems." Our work with Ariane has had lasting effects, even years later.
-Tom Anderson and Nancy Conger
I have been coaching for many years but I had always had some trepidation about testing myself to ICF [International Coach Federation] standards. Ariane's skillful coaching was a gift that helped me to discover where I was blocking myself. I gained the confidence and insight I needed to polish my skills. I have since tried my ICF certification and I am pleased to say I passed with flying colors. It was a very powerful experience to look at my own coaching skill with the help of such a talented professional.
– Jaki Scarcello, Coach and Consultant, Facilitating Profit with Spirit