Why People Hire Ariane

  • Team Coaching, to build a sustainable, inspired team. I support the entire team to move forward together to build stronger relationships, better communication, clearer roles, transparent accountability, respect and trust, and sustainable results.
  • Leadership Coaching: always within the context of the larger picture. How does what’s happening in your organization relate to what you’re experiencing? How does your whole life come into play? What’s next?
  • Interactive Keynotes: on topics such as giving and receiving feedback, designing powerful working relationships, and how to create a culture of accountability.
  • Enhanced 360 Feedback: to not only strengthen the performance of key players but also build relationship and train the individual and the raters in giving and receiving effective on-going feedback. Some 360 processes inadvertently serve to isolate people from each other, by gathering feedback anonymously, presenting it by a neutral third party, and then leaving those who provided feedback in the dark about the result and the individual in the dark about how to move forward.

With my approach, the ultimate outcome is a stronger organizational culture – more resilient and better able to work through conflict, with better work product to show for it. Together, my client and I determine whether to use one on one interviews or a web-based instrument. I currently work with the Booth family of  360 surveys, VOICES, and the Leadership Circle Profile.

  • Coaching Supervision: whether you’re a professional coach or someone who uses coaching skills in another context, supervision – where you bring a tape of a client session and receive feedback on it – is one of the fastest paths to professional development. With a small investment in time, you create immediate shifts.